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Italian Happy New Year greeting card 1914

      Posted 15-01-2017

Italian Happy New Year greeting card 1914
Fig.1 Italian Happy New Year postcard 1914 frontside.

Fig.2. Italian Happy New Year greeting card 1914 backside.

      Slowly, with the implacable action of time, the image on this card is blurring. It is here for more than 100 years.

      The end of the year 1914. Peoples are exchanging Christmas and New Year greeting messages. The central image from the first figure, take us closer to the meaning of those days: a beautifull woman with a long dress, painted with groups of 3 stars, holding in arms a newbord baby, A little Christmas tree with lighted candles, few houses on the low hills, and an fountain of fireworks complete the picture. The imprinted text Auguri pel nuovo Anno is the old italian variant of "Happy new year".

      At the time when the postcard was sent, the First World War was ravaging the nations of Europe. Italy will enjoy peace for another 3 months.



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