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Italian Christmas Greeting card 1961

      Posted 15-01-2017

Little angels with Baby Jesus greeting card
Fig.1 Little angels with Baby Jesus greeting card.

Fig.2 The backside of this card, with imprinted text Buon Natale in italian.

      Two little angels with white wings, carrying Jesus Christ. In the background the night sky full of stars, and in the right corner the barn where Jesus Christ was born, and above it the Star of Bethlehem.

      The hand-written message of greetings send to the loved ones, is dated Christmas 1961. In the Fig.2 on the upper side, is imprinted the name of the publisher ALMA MILANO. With a little search on the web (thanks to Google), I found an italian website that tells us more about the editor of this card ALMA Milano, who unfortunately closed his activity.



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